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originally founded as the Hellenic American Neighborhood Action Committee

A New York City based multi-faceted social services organization with administrative offices at 49 West 45th Street in New York City. The organization was founded in 1972 to serve the needs of vulnerable populations throughout New York City. HANAC’s organization mission is:

To develop, implement and administer the operation of service programs for the betterment of the community
to provide these services to any and all who are needy without discrimination as to race, creed, national origin or other defining characteristic
and to work closely with other providers, the city, state and federal governments for the betterment of the community.

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    HANAC recognizes the importance of assisting people in our community in need of English language acquisition, a High School equivalency diploma, training and employment.
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    HANAC operates legal immigrant programs in two sites, one in Astoria, Queens and the other in the Harlem section of Manhattan. These programs offer immigrants residing in New York City a range of services including legal assistance, immigration application assistance, translation services, and workshops to assist immigrants in adjusting to and succeeding in their lives as new arrivals to America.

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When a community gets together to make a difference, it can change just about everything. Join us in our mission.


The impact of HANAC’s services extends far beyond the 30,000 clients we serve annually. Each contact affects not only the life of the program participant but their family, friends, colleagues and co-workers.

The caregiver who is relieved, for a brief period of time from caretaking responsibilities, is a better spouse and parent by being given an opportunity to attend to other obligations or to enjoy free time.

The senior citizen who attends a senior center benefits from exercise, nutrition, socialization and the independence inherent in leading a full life. With increased independence these seniors are less dependent upon their own children for care and support thus freeing these younger adults to care for their families and be more productive at work.

Our Beacon Program and our after-school and summer youth programs support the growth of their young participants while enabling parents to attend to employment responsibilities knowing their children are safe. The employer benefits when the worker isn’t stressed by child safety concerns.

The individuals who seek help through our substance abuse prevention and treatment services and begin to change behavior patterns produce a ripple effect that brings positive change to families, friends and co-workers alike.

These examples merely touch the surface in illustrating the positive impact of HANAC’s programs and services on the lives of participants and their community.

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Recognizing the need for housing the elderly of modest means, HANAC opened the Archbishop Iakovos Senior Residence in 1993. For over 20 years, HANAC has played an ever-expanding role as...

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