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 COMPASS Elementary School PROGRAM

P.S. 2 & P.S.212

HANAC’s  COMPASS Elementary School Programs believe in a holistic approach that results in an engaging 21st century based program offering ample opportunity for youth to explore their interests and creativity. Curriculums are designed to ensure age appropriate programming that offers hands on, project based activities aligned with the educational standards of the school. Literacy, Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) are integrated into the curriculum so all participants are positioned to become global citizens and are equipped to compete for the professions of the future.  We partner with the host school and community to provide a program that reinforces the participant’s joy of learning and targets the developmental needs of the participants and school.  Working in close conjunction with each host school, we are able to provide an environment that supports social and emotional learning and promotes physical well-being and builds skills to support academic achievement. Structured activities in academics, athletics including Zumba and Soccer, arts, culture, STEM, tutoring and leadership engage participants and ensure their academic and personal growth. COMPASS programs are open to the first 150 participants, we operate Monday –Friday after school for 3 hours a day as well as full day programs on 13 chosen school holidays.


SONYC Middle School Program at Saint Demetrios

HANAC’s SONYC Middle School Program incorporates a holistic approach to serve as a pathway to success for 6th, 7th and 8th graders in the 21st century. We offer activities that provide students with the supports they need in order to approach their grade level learning in order to remain competitive in our global society. The programs “club” like structure is crucial to its appeal to the middle school student as they have “choices’ in the activities and an active role as stake holders.  Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) will be incorporated throughout in order to foster academic support, raise expectations and confidence as well as helping youth explore their interests in 21st century STEM related fields. In order to close the achievement gap, we motivate our participants to build their confidence in order to help them to experience success by offering opportunities to explore their interests and creativity. The program design is formulated to foster academic, social and emotional competencies and physical well-being in a safe and nurturing environment. Youth leadership and community engagement is also a highlight of the program. HANAC believes that engaging parents and other caretakers to support HANAC and school staff is crucial to the SONYC programs success and in reaching these overarching goals. Structured activities in academics, athletics, arts, service learning projects, social clubs, youth leadership, mentorships, culture,  tutoring and homework help will engage participants and ensure they are ready for high school and beyond. SONYC programs are open to the first 75 participants, operating Monday-Friday after school for 3 hours a day.


Adolescent Literacy Program I.S. 204


The HANAC  Adolescent Literacy Program believes in an  approach that integrates a Common Core aligned project based curriculum for our participants.  We believe that the teachers should serve as the facilitator and guider for our students to become self-learners through exploration and research.  In order for our youth to become effective explorers or researchers our students learn the 21st century skills needed to be career ready and college bound.  In addition, our students become well-rounded individuals through interactive field trips and community service.

Our programs aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards and we are continuing our process to help our participants to be aware of the 21st century careers.    All of our students are have a great understanding of the academic rigor involved into being successful.

Our participants learn how to use text based evidence and the process of learning how to analyze this evidence. In addition, our participants are learning how to actively engage in discussions where the teacher serves as the classroom facilitator. To qualify, students must have scored well below their grade level on the English language Arts exam. The program operates at I.S 204, Tuesdays –Thursdays, 2hrs a day, 6hrs per week, for the first 20 participants.


Summer Youth Program

Older Youth Program

Younger Youth program

The HANAC Summer Youth Employment Programs expose teens and young adults to real life work experiences, exposing them to real world labor expectations while building work readiness skills and a foundation for future employability. The Older Youth program is for New York City residents aged 16-24 and the Younger Youth program is for New York City residents aged 14-15. Both programs provide youth with six weeks of paid summer employment and educational experiences from the beginning of July to mid-August along with an array of supportive services. Youth development principles are incorporated throughout the programs to provide participants with experiences that correlate with their interests and build upon their individual strengths and provide positive adult role models. The ultimate goal is for our youth to gain the work readiness skills needed to succeed in the 21st century workplace by engaging their talents and interests while developing their skills and competencies.

To reach this goal, participants work in a variety of entry-level jobs including: Hospitals, Summer Camps, Law Firms, Small Businesses, Non-Profits, Retail Organizations, Parks, The Arts, etc. These placements introduce our youth to the basics of workplace etiquette, valuable employment skills, and the value of hard work and an income. SYEP also provides educational workshops on work readiness, career exploration, financial literacy, and educational opportunities. These educational activities enhance their exposure to the work force, allowing youth’s self-confidence to rise along with their chances for success in the long term.  By aligning the summer employment experiences with the individual interests of participants to ensure engagement, providing positive adult mentorship and guidance, and continuous input from the youth, HANAC’s SYEP succeeds in assisting their healthy transition to adulthood and self-sufficiency. HANAC is proud to have served 792 Older Youth and 270 Younger Youth this past program year.



Work, Learn and Grow Employment Program

Younger Youth Aged 14-15

The Work, Learn and Grow Younger Youth Employment Program is a designed  to allow participants of the Summer Youth Employment program to continue to build upon their experiences in SYEP by participating in this program. The Younger Youth program provides fifty, 14-15 year olds with twenty five weeks of after school career readiness and social growth activities. Participants are paid minimum wage, 6hrs per week after school, from October to April to engage in the full curriculum. Younger youth are not placed in actual work experiences but instead are immersed in an interactive program focusing on professional and self-growth. Each participant will be assessed by staff and these assessments will help determine their educational needs, supportive service needs, interests and goals for the program.

The curriculum is designed to be “hands-on” and interactive, engaging participants in several group activities. Career Exploration will allow participants to gain greater awareness about their personalities, interests and abilities and how these align to their career path. Youth will learn how to explore careers that align with their interests and become familiar with the realities of what is needed to succeed in them. Work Readiness sessions will concentrate on basics including: resume and cover letters, mock interviews, workplace situations, conflict resolution, work-place behavior, and financial literacy. College Exploration consist of dynamic sessions focused on topics including: the value and necessity of a college degree, college size and options for living on campus, differences in college degrees, financial aid and scholarships, acceptance procedures and applications. Service learning projects will be an integral part and participants will collectively decide and work on a social cause of their choosing.  HANACs view is that at the close of the program, participants will have gained a broader perception of the world around them and their own potential and self-worth while also serving the greater good of the community.




Work, Learn and Grow Employment Program

Older Youth Aged 16-24


The Work, Learn and Grow Older Youth Employment Program is a designed  to allow participants of the Summer Youth Employment program to continue to build upon their experiences in SYEP by participating in this program. The Older Youth program provides 210, 16-24 year olds with twenty five weeks of after school employment placements and work readiness activities.  Participants are paid minimum wage, 10 hours per week after school, from October to April. Each participant is assessed by staff and these assessments will help determine their interests and job placements and any supportive services needed. Placements include: Hospitals, Summer Camps, Law Firms, Small Businesses, Non-Profits, Retail Organizations, Parks, The Arts, etc. Work, Learn and Grow career readiness training will encompass work readiness topics such as career exploration, financial literacy, conflict resolution, resume/cover letter writing and opportunities for continuing education and social growth. HANAC’s goal is to have participants leave the program with a greater understanding of themselves, the world of work, post-secondary education, and a sense of belonging to the community. They will have clearer picture of the course they need to take to reach their personal goals and dreams.

Councilmatic After-School Program

Saint Catherine’s School

The Councilmatic After- School program provides an enriching environment for participants to receive one on one and group help with homework and other educational activities including test prep and studying tips. The program targets recent arrivals to the country with ELL assistance as well. The program operates 3 days a week, for 2 hours a day after school and is open to the first ten participants.